I posted this on my blog Malcriada as part of my rock T-shirts collection, and a dude posted the following comment…a really cool story for rock-geeks like me.

"I stumbled on this after googling this shirt, and this is the only other instance where I’ve seen this particular design. This shirt has a bit of a story to it.

I got the same shirt back in 2008 as well, at a venue called “the Basement” in Columbus, Ohio. It was actually my first concert! But that doesn’t matter. Flash-forward a year. I got the chance to see them a second time at the Grog-Shop in Cleveland with Nico Vega. I wore the shirt to the show.

I got to talk to Jason at the merch table, where he pointed out that my shirt was actually very rare! As the story goes, somewhere down the line in that 2008 tour they did, someone actually STOLE a box filled with nothing but the rib-cage t-shirts. Which is funny in itself, because somewhere on this planet, someone owns over 50 shirts that belong to an indie band that would never be all too recognized, haha.

Seeing as how those shirts were all that was left of the ones that existed, and they never went on to make more, this particular design is a rare Von Bondies gem! I don’t know if you already knew this or anything, and I doubt that the shirt holds even marginal value, but to be a fan and have it is pretty sweet. Thanks for your time.”

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